The Back of My Mind

In this teen drama monologue, KLARA talks to her friend about the reasons why she hasn’t been hanging out with her as much.

Klara:  I know I haven’t hung out as much.  I’ve been working and studying and self-absorbed with trying to be successful in my life.  I want to be something in my life.  Hanging out has started to feel less fun.  I’m thinking about what I have going on in the back of my mind and it’s like I’m wasting my time.

Lately, our conversations, not just with you but with everybody we chill with, it just seems childish…like, we’re out of high school now, I don’t want to feel like a kid, I am growing up and I feel like everybody is staying the same…you too.

I try talking to you about my career and my ambitions and you never seem to be thinking ahead and you always seem to push what I say aside like you don’t want to hear it.

So, that’s the truth.  That’s the reason why.  It’s not only that I’ve been committed to my goals but also you don’t seem to have any and I feel like we are growing in different directions.

Joseph Arnone


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