The Blue Time and the Wonders of Norway

The Blue Time was an official selection for the 4th International Motion Festival Cyprus and was directed, filmed, and edited by Greg Dennis.

Norway is a gorgeous country. When I lived in France for a year, Norway was initially on my list of countries to visit, because I’d heard of its beauty and visibility of the northern lights. Sadly, I did not get a chance to visit Norway and experience the country for myself, but I feel as though after watching this short film that I have been to Norway. The narrator begins with showing the aesthetics of the county; the clear waters, towering mountains, and the people. What stood out to me were the mountains. I went to university in the mountains and I have always felt drawn to them. The mountains of Norway are clear and bright, topped with snow and habituated by hundreds of animals. I would love a chance to climb some of those mountain and see the views firsthand. In addition to the mountains the bodies of water shown in the film were extraordinary. The water was clear and blue and looked inviting despite the fact that it’s cold enough to kill. The narrator points out that he loves going kayaking in Northern Norway and bringing others along to show them the beauty. I can feel his pride in his work through his voice. He loves Norway and he loves showing it off the people.

The next element of Norway that is discussed is the wild animals that are found in the ocean. All types of whales including, Humpbacks and Orcas are shown in the film. As the people are kayaking the animals are swimming around them hunting for fish. The scene is breathtaking because the people are so close to these harmless, majestic animals. My favorite marine animal is an Orca whale, I’ve loved them since I watched Free Willy as a child. There is something very calming about watching animals in their natural habitat live their lives as others gaze at them. I think people are fascinated by animals because they are so different from us, yet on the inside there are similarities. Whales in particular are interesting to people because of how their society works. The animals are known for being pack animals with families and emotions. They are all emotionally attached to one another which is such a human characteristic that it makes whales exciting to study. They are also relatively harmless to humans and some are even friendly so it’s much easier to study and learn about whales as opposed to lions which would not let a group of tourists get that close. It was this moment in the film that I realized I truly missed out on from not going to Norway, the whales alone would have been the highlight to my entire time abroad.

In Norway it’s freezing and most of the terrain is covered in snow. To travel around in weather conditions like this, the guide uses huskies and a sled to get him from one place to another. Huskies are strong working dogs that are well suited from the cold and pulling people on their sleds. It’s strange, I know that Norway is a very cold country but before watching I had never given it enough thought to realize that huskies must be used for traveling, especially in Northern Norway. The huskies always look like they are enjoying themselves when they pull sleds through the snow. It must be a fun way to travel because the energy from the dogs effects the driver making him more involved and focused. It is also a beautiful way to travel through the tundra of Norther Norway.

The narrator who is a guide for people that want to see Norway truly loves the country. It is obvious from the reverent tone he uses when speaking about Norway. Norway is a gorgeous country with lots to offer in terms of activities. The few shown in the film are just the tip of the iceberg. The film was beautifully shot and the narrator did an excellent job of showing the greatness of Norway in under five minutes.

Nia Scott

Nia is a senior at East Stroudsburg University majoring in English and French. She dreams of being a best-selling author one day or a writer for a nonprofit organization. When she is not watching Netflix, or traveling, she can be found hiking in the mountains with her best friend Leena. She is also a passionate advocate of women's rights, climate change, and the fate of elephants.

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