The Board Has Taken Vote

The Board Has Taken Vote is a monologue in which MILTON discusses in a board meeting how he is unable to justify and cover the expense of the illogical company investment made by Wilfred.

Milton: I will not, under no circumstance, allow this company to buy yet another one of your blunders.  We have covered your tracks for years and this past purchase has been the largest error in your judgement thus far.

You had no approval to make the purchase, Wilfred.  On your previous blunder you were told that in order for any future investment to occur, you were to consult with the entire board first and take vote.

You did no such thing.  You ignored our agreement.

If you aren’t happy with my decision Wilfred, we can always make arrangements to have you sell your stock back to the company.  Shares are at their highest and you can singlehandedly pay off your debt and retire.

The board has taken vote.  Which do you choose?

Joseph Arnone


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