The Brush Off

In The Brush Off, Vanessa talks to her friend about her ex-boyfriend Dan completely ignoring her and how it’s apparently hard for her to handle.

VANESSA: I can’t believe what he did.  I just can’t believe it.  He completely brushed me off like I was nothing.  Like I was NOTHING!  He is such a prick, I can’t stand him.  How do you date somebody for six months and than act like they don’t even exist.  I did nothing to hurt him or treat him bad.

It was right after lunch break.  I was in the hallway, right by my locker and Dan walked by me and I said, “HEY” and he looked right at me and kept walking like I wasn’t even there.  HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME.  What is that?  I’m so fired up about this.

If he wants to be like that, let him.  I won’t even look at him now.  I’ll completely ignore him like he did to me.  I’m going to act like he doesn’t even exist.


I can’t believe what he did…


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