The Charming Jokester

In The Charming Jokester, TOD is a person who has mental instability and expresses himself through contradictions and quirky behavior.

TOD: Don’t look at me.  Let me be.  I’m not open to examination.  I don’t feel like smiling and being charming when I rather bite your face off like the savage I know myself to secretly be.

Sorry.  Am I being rude?  Yeah?  Probably.  Allow me to recoil my darkness back inside my tongue, so it can sit heaving and waiting to strike it’s venom into you.  But, man oh man, do I want to take one itty bitty bite and fill you up with all my disgust and rotten thoughts.  You would love it.  I’d make you love it.  I’d make you smile and twinkle your big round eyes…a part of me to see what I see.

Would you like that?  Would you like to feel what I feel?  Ha ha ha.  I’m kidding.  I’m joking.  I’m a jokester.  Ha ha.  That’s me.  The charming jokester.


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