The Devil and Myself

It is the 19th century and Mary, a young woman from a small farm village, confesses to her local priest her deepest, darkest thoughts about the devil.

Mary: I don’t fear him, Father. Though I know he is always there. He doesn’t leave me, ever. I pity him at times and in my weakest moments, I revere him, quite fervently.

I have known that saints have battled with the devil themselves and it has been something that I have recently thought about a lot. Perhaps you can help me understand, I think that I am someone special Father…I have thought about this for some time.

Although my life is completely mundane, my spirit is otherwise. You see, I take these long walks every morning, before anyone in my household wakes up, I leave, alone. I walk for miles, over the hills until I reach the ocean front and it is there when my mind at times has amazed me, it has blazed with these visions and voices and sometimes when I am not so strong, I think the worst of happenings. I imagine myself and the devil holding one another and then I imagine cutting him open, tearing him apart and gripping the insides of his soul, the dark light he possesses.

And after all of this, I cannot say that I hate him Father, that I do not see his worth. This, I must admit to you…

Daniella Alma

Daniella Alma is a British actress from London, living in New York City. In addition, she is a guest writer and film producer for Monologue Blogger Films. Her latest work as an actress, can be seen in her most recent feature film “Being Dead”, as the role of Young Celice Adkins, alongside Elizabeth Marvel and Linus Roache.

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