The Disappearance

In The Disappearance, Jake explains to his son, that he is going to have to go away and doesn’t know if he is ever going to return. 

JAKE: Well, son…some men in life go on journeys that take them to places that their souls knew not of…some men stay in one place their whole lives and die as they came…other men, have insurmountable obstacles to face, to the point of madness and there really isn’t a Goddamn thing you can do about it…

What I’m saying son, what I’m trying to get clear on, is that I need to step away from the thing I love most, in order to face other obstacles that exist in my life…demons that have been chasing me and now must be brought down. You won’t understand now but perhaps later you will. Some things are better left unspoken but I want you to know…I love you…with all my heart.

I may never return, son…I don’t…all I know, is I will definitely try…

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