The Donation Shop

In The Donation Shop, Brennon gets smacked around by his two older brothers for doing crime without their knowledge and this monologue is his reaction.

BRENNON:  Why you always side with Tommy?  Nothing I ever do is right in your eyes.  You know you never take my part about it and I’m like the outcast brother or something, right?  Always you two guys, always counting me out and then you wonder why I’m taking scores with Froobie and the boys, right?  You wonder.  I gotta run with somebody if my own two brothers don’t let me roll with them.

Not gonna just sit on the porch all day man.  I gotta make my own money, do my own deals.  Done waiting for you guys.

Coming at me like I owe you both something.  I don’t owe any of you nothin’!  Left me on my own, left me to fend for myself.  You guys are off killing it, while I’m here with nothin’!

S’pposed to do man?  I’m too young, I don’t know nothin’, yeah right, yeah, I know more than you both think.  That’s why I wear what I wear cause I’m lettin’ everybody know that I ain’t no bum.  Ain’t gonna see me bumming around this town.  Hell no, playa.

You guys comin’ at me like I ain’t even your blood.  Like I ain’t nothin’ to you.  All cause I’m making money…you jealous, you all jealous a me.  I ain’t stupid.

I ain’t on your territory, neither.  I got my own spots, working with my own people and what you want, huh, you want in…now you want in cause I don’t look like a slob no more and you want a piece, right?  Want a piece of my pie…why?  Why should I give you a piece?  Huh?  Cause we brothers?  Yeah?  This look like a donation shop?  For real?  I ain’t runnin’ no damn donation shop, yo.  You want in, brothers or no brothers, you gotta come correct and talk real business talk…it ain’t about what I can do fa you, it’s what you gonna do for me.

That’s what’s up.

Joseph Arnone


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