The Edge of Nonexistence

In the drama monologue The Edge of Nonexistence, Epifania is an unhealthy middle-aged business owner who readies her successor. 

Epifania:  Once again, I’ve been close to the edge of non-existence.  Dying and I haven’t told anyone about it.

How can I?

That’s why I haven’t been around lately…I had to visit the big man upstairs…see if he could grant me an extension.

Not exactly sure if he has but I feel good about it…I’m hopeful.

My lungs have opened up and I can breathe in life again.  That’s a good sign, right?  I can walk around a bit more and think with more clarity…the shakes, the pressure, have all seemed to dissipate some…well—if my condition continues to improve, I can perhaps live long enough to make good on a few things.

No promises.  I don’t expect any promises or guarantees.  Not up to me.  Not up to any of us.

I’m telling you all of this because it’s time I officially take you under my wing and show you how things really get done.  When I am gone, I want to know that you can take care of yourself and that what I’ve built won’t go in vain.

Does that sound good?

I will take you under my watchful eye come this Monday.  I will educate you and guide you in all aspects.  The time is now and we must not waste one second.

Joseph Arnone


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