The Face of Retirement

Dusty talks to his wife about the well being of their son and how their money will completely dwindle in the face of his retirement.

Dusty:  I don’t know what else you want me to say or do.  I’ve given so much to our son…everything I possibly could…maybe, maybe it’s time we bring him home…I…I don’t want to do that but we may have to do that…it will be a bad idea no matter which way you slice it.  Bad for him, bad for us…

…I’m exhausted.  I have two more years left until I retire.  What then?  (beat)  What do we do then?  The money’s running out.  I’m not going to be able to sustain—-they won’t let me add on any more hours than I already work and—Ann, we have to try for more government assistance…if we don’t get more help we’re going under…we’re barely keeping afloat as things are…we need to push harder and try to get more financial aid for him…either that or we take care of him here, which, we both know won’t be, won’t be good for anyone…

I don’t want us to go through what we went through last time…those memories still haunt me when I sleep.  It’s too much…I’m not, we can’t go through such an ordeal ever again, not at this point…no…

I’m so sorry, Annie.  I’m so sorry for so much…you’re a good woman.  You deserve the world…

We’ll figure something out.  Okay?  We have to, we have to.

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