The Footsteps That Won’t Ever Disappear

In this monologue, FRANK responds to his brother Conrad after he made it clear he doesn’t really want him coming around unexpectedly anymore.

Frank: I’m sorry I’m not good enough of a brother for you.  I never knew I was such an embarrassment to you coming over here…I only say what I say to Laura because I want to, to make her understand me better.  I just want her to know me for me without trying to be someone I’m not.

We come from a place that’s dirty but that don’t make it ugly like you say.  Dirt is life.  Life comes from dirt and I’m proud of all my filth and all the gunk that sticks to me because it’s made me honest.

I may be a drunk but I’m an honest drunk, Conrad…our father was an honest drunk and yeah, he was never one to lend a soft hand but I rather take a heavy hand than one that’s never done an honest day’s worth of work.

You don’t want me coming around here no more, that’s fine, you–I’m all you got left, I’m your reminder of your past self and you don’t like that much but you can’t escape your past, you’ve made footsteps that won’t ever disappear and you can’t ignore it or forget it…you can run from it but it will always lead right back up to who you are no matter how hard you try to avoid it.


Joseph Arnone


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