The Fruit of Your Labor

In the drama monologue, Fruits of Your Labor, Jimmy does everything he can to talk passionately in helping someone believe in themselves to change their life.

Jimmy:  You want to be something more in your life and all you do is fill yourself up with cheap excuses and inaction.  Look at it just ooze and ooze out from you.

Crying to me about what you don’t have.  Telling me that I’ve had it easy.  Easy?  Where have I had it easy?  What’s easy?  Show me the easy?

You have no idea where I come from and the shit I’ve had to go through in my life.  Easy.  You think standing on welfare lines as a kid was easy?  You think watching my mother go to the local pawn shop, to sell her jewelry to pay the rent, was easy g?  Or going to school with ripped clothes and holes in my shoes and socks?  Was that easy?

You don’t know my real story and you don’t need to know it but what you do need is a chance.  Give yourself the chance.  Stop waiting around for someone to give it to you, cause it ain’t coming bro.  Get up off your ass and hustle.  Make something of yourself.  Have a goal, have a plan, take action, be consistent, stop losing days and weeks and months and years and make time your investment.  Invest in YOU.

Stop wanting the wrong things.  Stop thinking about that gold watch or that sports car or that big house.  Look, nothing wrong with having things, nothing wrong with how you want to spend the fruit of your labor but that shouldn’t be the main motivation.  That’s not it.  Once you get all those things, than what?

Find the game you love and play it with every ounce of sweat you have in you to squeeze out.  Do it for the love of the game.  Sound cheesy?  But it’s true.  I promise you that.

All the other shit will come and it’s good but it doesn’t matter because by doing what makes you fulfilled, ah, there’s nothing better than that.

Change your mind set.  Get off that video console or going out with your friends every day of the week or going to the club…dude, have a balance but have a focus, have a big focus, have a life focus of what you want out of life and what you wish to give to life.

Stop thinking about being rich and walking around like Mr.Fancy.  Nobody cares!  Those things can make you a smudge happy, a smudge but it will never fully fill you up inside.  It just won’t.  Trust me on that.  It won’t.

Dig deep.  Reach inside.  Find that thing that makes you, you and make it real.  Change your wasteful way of thinking.  Stop with the have nots and the woe is me.  It’s old and it’s annoying.

I might not have a lot.  But I am fulfilled.  I do what I do and I do it to the best of my ability and it brings me joy.  I could stop here but I have dreams, I have goals and I’m hungry.  REAL HUNGRY.  So hungry I could fight a lion.  Ever want something that bad in your life?

What are you willing to die for?  (beat)

I listen to you and I honestly feel like slapping you.  I do.  I was no better off than where you are now and it all doesn’t matter.

You can make the switch (snaps his fingers) like that!  (snaps his fingers)  Like that!  Right now!  Boom!  That’s it.  See it differently.  You hear me?  See it differently.  Feel it differently!

Let your hell give you the strength you need to conquer…and you will.

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