The Hand You’ve Been Dealt

In The Hand You’ve Been Dealt, Daryl talks to his son about how he has to accept the way things are and stop whining about their relationship all the time.

Daryl: You look at me like I’m some kind of animal and I can see from your perspective that those thoughts are true.

What you see is a man who doesn’t give a damn about you, a man who will stop at nothing to achieve whatever it is he sets his mind on, a man who has forgotten his past and only looks back for the occasional nod.

I am, I am all those things and more.

I have no excuses for your point of view.  It is what I have shown you all these years and you can only go by what you’ve been shown.

I can sit here and cry to you and try to convince you about how much I love you and how I want the best for you but there is no way such words will be believed.

I wouldn’t.  I couldn’t.  I could not believe such words.  I most likely would place a bullet in my own head if I were you.  Could you?  Do you think you can kill your own father?

What are you to do, Ray?  This is the hand you’ve been dealt.

Joseph Arnone


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