The Last of My Shoebox Money

In The Last of My Shoebox Money, Gus talks to his nephew about how he is broke and how he has no money to give him anymore.

GUS:  I gave you the last of my shoebox money, Jack…there’s nothing left.  I don’t know how I’m gonna eat tomorrow…I used the last round of my quarters today…

I try to change my life, try to play it straight but when I play it straight I starve.  Nobody wants to hire a convicted murderer, ya know?  Whatamy (What am I) supposed to do?  I’ve given my resume out to hundreds of places…thought I could be more than just moppin’ floors but guess not…maybe I should have taken that job offered me, this way I could eat but what’s the point, maybe it’s best that I drop dead cause really, what good can I do…doesn’t matter I’m a changed man, doesn’t matter what philosophies I’ve come to learn on the inside, when you’re out here in the wilderness, living life, the only reality is the hard reality of living…nobody cares about your spiritual progress.  (he laughs)

Now, I can go out there and score a few hundred dollars, maybe more, pretty quickly…can’t deny myself the pleasure of seeing through the lens I grew up with, that will never change…once you wear those shades, you can’t shake ’em off…always see the angles, ya know?  Could rob that stupid deli around the corner inside ten seconds flat and what then?  I eat but everything else follows it…everything.

I don’t have money to give you and if I did I most probably wouldn’t anyway.  You’re turning out to be a bigger disappointment than myself.  You have no reason to be where you are.  You’re young, smart…why you taking shots?  If I could start up all over again, I’d start a legit business and have a go at it or get a decent job, whatever, anything’s better then coming to your loser Uncle for money, right?

I have nothing.

Listen, as much as I care about you, I don’t want to ever see your face again, not unless you straighten out, otherwise, forget you know me…that’s it, get lost.

Joseph Arnone