The Loss of Fifi

A absurdist drama about Sandra who is on the run from people who have killed her talking dog, Fifi.  She finds Morgan on the beach by chance. 

The Loss of Fifi

SANDRA:  I want you to make love to me.

MORGAN:  Excuse me?

SANDRA:  I want you to make love to me.

MORGAN:  You don’t even know me.

SANDRA:  Do you know love?

MORGAN:  I can love.

SANDRA:  So love me.

MORGAN:  But I don’t know you to love you.

SANDRA:  Discover your love as you love me.

MORGAN:  I’ve never tried that before.

SANDRA:  Stop talking.

MORGAN:  I’m always talking.

SANDRA:  Touch me.

MORGAN:  I talk, a lot cause it’s how I communicate best.

SANDRA:  Make love to me with your words.

MORGAN:  Words?

SANDRA:  Do you find me attractive?

MORGAN:  You’re a looker, you really are…where are you from?

SANDRA:  I need your touch.

MORGAN:  I’m from New York, born and raised.  I don’t know why most New Yorkers have to point out that they are born and raised from New York when they are, it’s like a pride thing.  Where did you say you are from?

SANDRA:  I am burning for passion.

MORGAN: It is hot.  Maybe you should put on some sun screen.  (checks his bag)  I have some, actually….here, put some of this on, it’s scolding out here.

Sandra takes the sun screen and leans in for a kiss.

You are very red in the face.

SANDRA:  Kiss me, before I die.

MORGAN:  With the advancement of technology we should live pretty long lives…at least a hundred.

SANDRA:  I don’t have that long.

MORGAN:  Why not?

SANDRA:  They killed my dog, Fifi.

MORGAN:  Oh, oh that’s terrible.  I’m so sorry to hear that.

SANDRA:  They flung him off a roof.

MORGAN:  Who did?  Why?  That’s horrific!

SANDRA:  He wouldn’t answer any of their questions.

MORGAN:  …Well, he’s a dog right, so…

SANDRA:  Fifi could talk.

MORGAN:  Fifi could talk?

SANDRA: I met Fifi in France.  It was a lonely, quiet night along the French Riviera…everything was blue…was just me and the ocean waves.  I sat on the cool sand and passed out.  When I woke up I felt something warm beside me.  At first I was frightened and only moved my hand to touch it and what I felt was Fifi.  When I looked at him he said, “I hope you don’t mind me laying beside you, it’s a bit chilly.”  And then he said, “My name is Fifi.”  And I said, “My name is Sandra.”

I went back to sleep and it was the best sleep of my life.  I didn’t wake up until the middle of the next day.  The beach was packed with bathers.  Fifi handed me a bottle of water and we went for a stroll along the ocean.  It was perfect.

I was never alone again, until yesterday…when they took Fifi’s life.

MORGAN:  Why did they kill Fifi?

SANDRA:  Fifi was protecting me, so I could escape.

MORGAN:  And why was Fifi protecting you?

SANDRA:  The codes.

MORGAN:  The codes to what?

SANDRA:  I have already said too much.  All I need is companionship, a friend, someone who can be warm to me.

MORGAN:  Are you on the run?


MORGAN:  Do you have a place to stay?

SANDRA:  I have been sleeping under the boardwalk behind piles of sand.  I must stay hidden.  Can you stay with me, tonight?

MORGAN:  I’m leaving in the morning.

SANDRA:  Where?

MORGAN:  I’m taking a ship.

SANDRA:  Can I come with you?

MORGAN:  You could come with me but it isn’t a free ride.

SANDRA:  I have money.

MORGAN:  If you can pay your own way, it’s fine.  (beat)  I’m traveling Europe.

SANDRA:  I am happy.

MORGAN:  I am happy, too.


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