The Moral of My Story

In The Moral of My Story, Grant talks to his cousin about how he doesn’t want to give the wrong impression and influence him in the wrong way.

GRANT:  I feel crummy.  I shouldn’t have told you those stories cause they are stupid and they are of days that don’t exist anymore.  I don’t even know what the point of telling you them was.  I guess it’s a form of bonding, right?  Wanting to be close and share stories from my past that we could laugh about together but I don’t want to send the wrong message.  I don’t want you to think all those stupid things, those bad things, were cool?

Truth is, I am lucky to have survived my youth.  That’s the real lesson, that I’m here so I could guide you into thinking the right way about your own life.

I hope I didn’t give you the wrong message because doing all the things I said I did was terrible.  I’m sorry I shared it with you.

Hear my stories so you know how not to be…

Life is about being responsible, having integrity, being good to people and living an honest existence.

That’s the real moral of my story and all I wish to do is set a good example for you by living my own life in such a manner.

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