The Movie Buff

In this dark and cold monologue The Movie Buff, Solomon introduces himself to a fellow inmate and engages in open minded conversation about cinema.

SOLOMON: I’ve always been a big time movie buff. Always loved the stars, especially tough man films. Guys like Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Robert De Niro or Bobby D as I like to call him. Guys like Bruce Willis, Al Pacino…those guys and a whole bunch more…

I’m a big fan of gangster films. My thing was trying to capture what they did in the movie, in my real life. Like, for example, in the movie Goodfellas, when Joe Pesci took the screw driver and stuck it in the back of the loudmouth’s skull. I tried that out. Or like in the movie The Godfather when Lucca Brassi was choked from behind. One of the best scenes in movie history by the way if you ask me. I loved that scene man, how he struggled to live, even though he was slowly dying. God, beautiful, beautiful. Those guys are geniuses. I took the choke approach at least two or three times with my own work but I could never figure out how to watch it because I always choked from behind.  I tried a mirror but it wasn’t the same.

They call me Sol (pronounced soul), short for Solomon. I don’t have much soul but that’s the irony of life. Soul is just a concept. Don’t ya think?

Joseph Arnone


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