The My Monologue Collection

The My Monologue Collection are pieces that contain the word my inside of the title.  Comedy/Drama, topics on independence, solitude, foodie and God.

The My Monologue Collection

SHADOWS OF MY MIND – Naomi seeks much needed advice from her Aunt about her constant depression and anxiety.

LOCKED IN MY BOX – a person trapped inside their life looking for a way out to survive.

BEHIND MY BACK – Sandra talks to her father about the growing mistrust she has for him throughout the years.

BIRD IN MY ASS – a bird fly’s up and in to a private region of a man who reads his morning newspaper at the park.

CORNER OF MY EYE – Kurt tells his friend how he found a creepy crawly burrowing a hole in his head.

IF MY INNER THOUGHTS COULD SPEAK – a spoken word monologue about having faith in yourself despite the haters.

REMOTE CONTROL OF MY EXISTENCE – Ira tries to figure a way out from his semi-conscious life.

MY PIECE OF THE PIE – J.T. confronts his nemesis on drug territory.

BEING MY OWN MAN – Will talks about discovering his manhood while growing up without a father.

DISTANCE MYSELF – Sandra talks to her friend Gale about how they need to quit being friends.

THE TAIL OF MY SPINE – a serial killer haunts and fools with his latest victim.

MY SIDE OF THINGS – Clara gives a short speech to her sister about how stubborn she can be.

MY STRUGGLE WITH FORGIVENESS – Abraham is conflicted with the act of forgiveness and moving on in his life with the people who have done wrong by him.

TWO SIDES TTO MY PERSONALITY – Johannes talks about how he feels like their are two people living inside of him.

CARE FOR MY CHILD – Brenda is caught between a rock and a hard place with work.  She must choose between her job and her sick daughter.

MY GREEN LAWN – Old man Frederick is fed up with finding dog poop on his beloved front lawn each and every morning.

FOR MY FATHER – Adrianne claims that her hard work ethic and motivation has been derived from the love and relationship she has for her father.

DARK SIDE OF MY MOON – in this monologue the character has an ongoing battle of identity.

BREATHING DOWN MY NECK – Lowdy is not happy with the reports he’s been receiving on a case he wants cracked.

I HATE MY NAME – Mugsy goes on a rant about how much he hates his birth name.

UPON MY RETURN – Sir Walter Walter the Third has a deep desire to go to Burger King during Medieval Times.

MY OWN TWO EYES – Julia finally gets her day of revenge in the corporate world.

CHANGE MY STORY – Johnson has finally come to terms with himself and decides to stop blaming others for his misfortune.

LICK MY WOUNDS – Crystal thinks it may be time to call it quits with her boyfriend.

HE READY MY POEMS – Sally is distraught over the fact that her brother read her private poems in her journal.

MY YOUTH – Herschel talks to his former music teacher’s gravestone and it’s all not too pleasant.

MY BEST CUSTOMER – Bez talks about the apparent joy he gets being a drug dealer.

FANTASTIC DAY WITH MY PRECIOUS SON – Mischa has been going through a tough time raising her son Robbie and this monologues reflects her woes.

MY KITCHEN – Linda talks to her boyfriend about her controlling mother and the constant conflict that ensues.

THE WAY MY EYES SEE IT – Leather talks about life with his closest Uncle, even though they see one another once in a blue moon.

OUT OF MY HANDS – welcome to the criminal mind of BB who decides the fate of men who frequent his circle.

WHERE’S MY LASAGNA? – while eating a restaurant, Vito discusses the possibility of doing a hit.

MY OWN PRIVATE VALIDATION OF THINGS – Kelly talks about living life on your own terms.

STOP WEARING MY MERCH – Dwight calls out a person who always seems to imitate his swag.

WATCH WHERE YOU TREAD MY FRIEND – Roth confronts the opposition at a party.

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