The Perfect Person

In The Perfect Person, MARSHA talks to someone she knows has been talking trash about her behind her back for quite some time.  She bumps into her at a park and they have a one on one conversation.

MARSHA: I know I have issues.  But point to the person who doesn’t?  Are you the perfect person?  I resent the fact that you criticize me and judge me.  You like talking about me, saying all kinds of negative things.  It’s hurtful.  I don’t get angry, I just get upset by your claims.  I could write a list about the stuff you’ve spoken to others about me.

I’m messed up.  I’ve made mistakes but I keep breathing and as I breathe I keep focused on improving who I am as a human being.  And for that, I take pride in myself.

I’m not perfect and I don’t ever want to be.  What is perfection?  How boring is that?  I strive to improve myself in life but I think having a few flaws mixed in makes each of us special.

Whatever I’ve done in my life so far, I’ve done from my heart, whether right or wrong, it has always come from what I believe to be a good place.  I have a huge heart and not you or anyone else can ever take that away from me.

For all your insults and accusations and hurtful slayings, it’s only made me stronger, wiser and happier.

You need to look at yourself.  You need to discover and think about the issues that exist in you and try to grow past them, as I have and as I continue to do.  I’ll make more mistakes in life and I will embrace them and learn from them.  I will become a better person.  I only hope for your sake that you are smart enough to do the same.  If you don’t, you are missing the boat on this thing called life and it will one day come back to bite you.  Trust me, it will.

(she walks off)

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