The Piece of Me That Floats Away

In the drama monologue, The Piece of Me That Floats Away, Kirk talks about how he has finally parted ways with his dark past.

Kirk:  I stood at the riverside, holding a blood dripping piece of my flesh.  I stared at it for quite some time.  Maybe, I should have placed it in a floating box, this way I could have looked on as it pulled away from me.  Romantic.  Throwing it out to the river, like I was trying to skip a rock, probably wasn’t the nicest way to part ways.

I hate how the blood stains my hands.

But what was I to do?  I carried that piece of me for such a terribly long time.  How else was I to say goodbye?

After a moment or two, I sat down on a patch of grass and took out a sewing kit.  I brought one with me.  I proceeded to sew my wound back up.  It took a long time.

I hate how the blood stains my hands.

I managed, despite the rain, to stitch myself together and walk away from the river, forever.

Joseph Arnone


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