The Question Monologue Collection

The Question Monologue Collection are pieces that contain a question inside the title.  Comedy/Drama. Topics on work, confidence, bravery and more. 1-2 min.

The Question Monologue Collection

WHAT DO YOU DO? – a man’s response when asked the question of what he does for a living.

CAN I TELL YOU A SECRET? – Mila shares with her friend how much she looks up to her.

WHERE’D SHE GO? – a mother loses her daughter in a store.

GO FOR IT? – Glenn likes his best friend and isn’t quite sure as to whether or not he should ask her out.

DO YOU THINK I CAN FORGIVE YOU? – Peyton confronts her coworker about a vulgar assault.

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? – Jenna has confessed that she slept with another man.

YOU HAVE AN EXTRA PEN YOU CAN SPARE? – when co-workers become impatient with one another.

WHAT’S YOUR DEAL? – Ron tells his friend that she’s been giving him shade around other people and he wishes to know why.

CAN I BE A MOTHER? – a woman questions herself as to whether or not she has it in her to be a mother.

WHO’S HARRY? – Rosalie shares the story of how her baby told her that she was hairy.

WHAT’S IN AN EAR? – a monologue about being mislead told in surrealistic manner.

AM I WORTHY? – a confused man tries to come to grips with his identity.

CAN I USE YOUR TOILET? – Ernie is about to bust and desperately tries to make it to a restaurant toilet in time.

WHY’D YOU RUN? – Doug had a fight and wants to know why his cousin ran off.

AM I GOOD? – Dwayne isn’t sure if he checks out as what one would consider a good person.

WHAT’S YOUR SECRET? – Sharon feels like a secret is being kept from her and in this monologue she wishes to find out what it is.

YOU THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING? – Brewster is hired to give advice to a young start up company.

CAN YOU TAKE ME? – a look inside the life of a lazy man.

WHERE’S MY LASAGNA? – over dinner a gangster blatantly admits that someone has been killed.

DON’T YOU KNOW WHEN TO TURN YOURSELF OFF? – Yana talks to her husband about the significant change she has seen in him.

CAN I TELL YOU SOMETHING? – Jasmine admits to her best friend that she doesn’t like the guy she’s dating.

WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM, BRO? – Sully talks to his friend about how he hasn’t been acting like himself.

WHAT’S UP BRO, YOU ALRIGHT? – Wesley comforts his friend over his recent breakup meanwhile he is secretly dating the same girl.

WANT TO HEAR THE REST? – Susie tells the tale of a wild date she had.

TELL ME THE TRUTH…DO I LOOK FAT? – Timmy is tired of his girlfriend constantly asking him if she’s put on weight.


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