The Quicker I’m Done, The Faster I Run

In The Quicker I’m Done, The Faster I Run, Sid talks to his Guidance Counselor in High School about how he wishes he can quit and go forward with only what he loves to do in his life.

SID: I just wanna DJ, you know?  Don’t wanna be bothered with this school shit anymore.  Only here for me Grandma, you know?  Break her heart if I bounce out.  You telling me I gottta sort it out?  Sort what out?  I got it all sorted out.  I wanna DJ. Is what I’m gonna do.  That’s what I want.  Is what I’m good at, you know?

Waiting for the final bell, get my diploma and I’m gonna leave forever.  That’s it.  That’s it.  Diploma ain’t gonna do shit otherwise for me, ain’t gonna do nothing.  My musics gonna do me loads.  Loads good, yea?  You heard me spin.  What you think?  You know.  You know.

Make me Grandma happy, then gonna make me happy.  Good grades?  Yeah, I could get good grades, stop fighting…causing trouble and what not…whatever, I take it, you know?  I take what comes my way, eh?  I got four more months of this and I’m out.

The quicker I’m done, the faster I run.

Joseph Arnone


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