The Spine That Splits In Two

In this monologue, DROUST talks to a friend about how his spine has been slowly splitting in two and how he is concerned because it’s really getting on his nerves.

Droust: Today, my spine split in two, almost entirely. This other creature, a more honest creature, is dying to part ways with me.  I won’t let him.  Oh no, no, nasty.

As he continues his fight to form himself, I see that I am now forced to walk crooked; pushing through my rib cage, bones like branches reaching out for a hand.

He’s reaching out to warn you.  All the truths of this life.  I won’t let him.  I won’t allow for him to speak such truths because he is trying to kill me.

(points to his face)

You see this smirk?  This is his smirk.  He’s been trying to change my face.  Can you believe this?  Never in my life.

I am going to the hardware store this afternoon and I am going to buy some tools.  It’s usually best to perform one’s own surgical procedures on such issues.  Hopefully, I will be able to fix things…if not, I will have to come back to you and seek your advice on next steps.

Joseph Arnone


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