The Story of Quiff The Poser

QUIFF tries to explain himself to a friend about how he isn’t a poser.

(sitting upright and still – only his lips move)

Quiff: People think I’m a poser because of how I sit.  When you take a look at me, I have good posture.  I’m not a poser, I don’t pose, I just sit well.  I stand well, too.

(he stands in a perfectly still pose)

You see that?  There’s nothing I can do about that.  It’s how my body works.  It’s how I’m designed.

(he sits and resumes a new still pose)

People don’t believe me.  They think I’m putting it on.  They think there is something wrong with me because of my stillness.  That I’m unnatural.  Sort of like a photograph.

(he turns his head robotically and strikes a pose)

It’s just me.

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