The Talk of the Town

A co-artistic director confronts the head owner of a theatre company about why they are financially struggling and how things need to change before they go out of business.

Jackie: I’ll tell you what it is…it’s your attitude.  You’ve been demoted and you can’t get over it.  So you’ve become angry and bitter and it clearly shows.

You’ve spent too many years having your theatre as the talk of the town.  Too many years attending expensive dinner parties, rubbing elbows with wealthy patrons and having a packed house.  You’ve been spoiled over and taken it all for granted.

But things have changed, haven’t they?  Things have evolved and you don’t know why.  You blame the system, the industry, the audience.  You claim nobody knows what good theatre is anymore.  (beat)  Those are blame words because you are scared.

New ideas come across your desk and you are too quick to scold them.  It’s those ideas that are altering and moving our culture but you don’t want to acknowledge it.

Look what’s happening!  People aren’t coming to you’re theatre!  I’ve worked with you for over twenty years, Ron.  If you don’t change now, you will lose everything that’s ever mattered to you, including me.

Please, open your mind, your heart and take a chance on new strategies.  The old way isn’t working like it once did and I don’t want us to be the past.

Joseph Arnone


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