The Task At Hand

In The Task At Hand, JACK talks about how he has become a much more calm person in his life than the way he used to be.  Drama.

JACK: I’m in an interesting place at this very moment.  I’m calm.  Not getting myself excited.  And I don’t think it’s a reflection on losing any of that crazy passion…I think all these feelings go deeper.  Now, I can see the passion, sort of like standing behind a see through wall but still feeling the gravity.

You reach a point in your life when the things you used to freak out about kind of give you pause when they happen again.  Resolve.

You will still get even but in a more graceful way.  There is no lashing out, no intense destruction, no wrongful doing.  Just time. Time becomes your friend.  Snuggles up and warms you because you know that with thought, you will get what you want and you will get even, without ever having to do a single thing but focus on the task at hand.

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