The Unexplained

In this dramatic monologue The Unexplained, a philosopher talks into his recording device alone the middle of a field.

Philosopher:  I am dead but I’ll never expire.  [pause.]  What I stood for, others will remember…my life, an excuse to live, was to push forward my greatest of intentions for humanity.  You don’t understand, do you?  I know.  It doesn’t make sense to me either, these urges.  This…taste.  How does one explain what one is?  This untold desire, unbeknownst to me but felt by me, without explanation.  Puzzlement.  Such…I’m unexplained, perhaps, perhaps that is the answer…what is illogical, is the logic but to what?  We live in an illogical world where we try to make logical choices but how can we be…getting too smart for myself and I’m not that clever it seems…I’m at a loss just as much as you are my friend…I don’t have the answers, if I did I would sound like all those that claim they do; and they don’t…the only truth is the truth of not knowing…anything more, is superfluous.

Joseph Arnone


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