The Way My Eyes See It

In this monologue, LEATHER has a conversation with an Uncle of his that he sees once in a blue moon but when they do meet, there is a bond and an understanding.

Leather: It’s not enough.  Everything I do is not enough.  I wish I could multiply myself.  I have too many interests and it can sometimes be very difficult to channel these intense feelings.  I’m almost always looking for an outlet to release this junk that keeps filling up inside me.

I overwhelm myself with my love for life.  I love life even though none of it will ever make sense to me…let’s be honest, what the hell is this ride all about man?  Absolute insanity, right?

Yeah, well…I have all this built up energy and if I don’t figure out a way to process it, to filter it through my system in time, I’m left with a haggard feeling instead, rather than euphoria.  Instead, I’m gobsmacked, which slowly turns itself into a place where I can only be irritable, annoyed…and eventually angry.

And when I am in that darker place, my mind wanders and I get into things, all kinds of things, things that most men wouldn’t contemplate.  Like, I’ll get on my motorbike and hit the desert and drift for days on end.  Days and days, days and days.  I figure if I can somehow get through it and make it back intact, that there’s something to it all, after all.  I may not know what it is or where it is but there’s gotta be something, right?

Listening to me you must be thinking I’m all over the place and that’s because I am.  I am.  Not gonna try and act like I have it all figured out cause I don’t.  I’m only sharing with you the way my eyes see it.

Joseph Arnone


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