White Tail Spider

In this dark female serial killer monologue, White Tail Spider, WS is doing what she does best….preparing herself for the final phase with her latest victim.

(polishing a knife with a white rag)

WS: You like watching the sci-fi channel?  Well, I LOVE watching the sci-fi channel.  In fact, my preferred nickname is the white tail; because I am a woman who knows just how to kill her prey, using the same methods of the white tail spider…you see, I’ve already lured you out of your home and by now you have been stung and understand you’re in a real messed up situation.  We are back inside your house…YOU, completely immobile, ME, preparing to devour the rest of you.  This is what I do…

(she puts on rubber gloves)

I will slowly creep under your skin and begin taking it off.  Bit by bit.  Until there is no skin left.  Well, there will be skin, but just a pile of it to the side like dirty laundry.  It’s really gonna freak you out when you see what I’m talking about.  It’s actually quite a good analogy.  (beat)  After the skin peeling which should take less than an hour–used to take me longer but I’ve had loads of practice.  What was I saying?  Oh!  Once I have the skin laundry phase complete we will…you know what?  I’ll let you be surprised, this way you can enjoy the entire experience as this is your first and final rodeo.

Sound good?

Joseph Arnone