The World Is Not Kind

In The World Is Not Kind, POLLY does her best to explain to her parents and older brother that she wants to be treated as an adult.

POLLY: I wish you all would stop criticizing me.  Why can’t you let me be me? I feel as though everything I do I am under a microscope and I don’t want to deal with that.

Don’t tell me that I’m still living under your roof, so I have to obey, Dad.  That’s so childish and I’m not five years old anymore.  Don’t do that to me.


Why don’t you ever encourage me?  Dad, why can’t you ever hear me out?  Everything I do has to be your way.  You never give me a chance to do things my way.  I know I’m not always right but you need to let me learn from my own mistakes.  You can’t always protect me Dad…sooner or later I’m going to be a full grown woman and I need to be ready for this world.  You said it yourself, “The World Is Not Kind”.

Mom, you need to give me some breathing room, too.  If I want to go out with my friends into the city, LET ME GO.  I’m always home when you want me to be but you can’t obsess over me and call me fifty times a day.  And God forbid I don’t answer my phone, you flip out on me.  Mom, when you call me fifty times a day inside of a single afternoon, it gets quite annoying.

(to her brother)

And Tom, you need to stop playing that whole older brother role with me.  I know you love me, I know you all do, but Tommy, you need to let me talk to guys and you need to stop involving yourself in the things I want to do in my life.  It’s like you’re always spying on me and I hate it.  Just be my friend for once…

If all of you just let me be, there wouldn’t be so much tension and arguing in our family.  Just let me breathe.

…that’s all I ask…

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