The World Was Quiet

In the dark drama monologue, The World Was Quiet, EATON talks about a violent encounter he experienced in horrific detail.

EATON: I struck upon a man earlier today, not at first with a physical blow but with words.  I said things to him that I know will forever ruin him…things I spoke of, should never have been said…I went deep on him, got under his skin, deep in his blood, his soul.

I just knew, by the sight of him, exactly what to say to crush him.

There was this look in his eye, when my words began to take their effect…I watched as he tried to mentally remove himself from the sound, watched as he stared at me unmoving and his face turned yellow and his veins began to protrude; his eyes bulged and his hands shook uncontrollably; he coughed and winced in pain, clenching his fists as his entire body shook against his will; his tongue stuck out from his mouth and foam began spewing a thick white substance through his teeth.   Tears fell out from his eyes as they expanded with a heavy puffiness causing him to go blind…groans, these terrible, agonizing groans leaked out from his throat when he tried to form words but could only collapse to his knees and drag himself toward my feet.

I stepped on him.  I stepped on his hands.  Crushing his hands against the pavement and not stopping until I heard the snapping of his fingers.  I stomped on his head and his neck and all the while I screamed violently at him with such venom and hatred that spit drooled all over his weak, pathetic—


The world was quiet.  Remaining quiet.

I smiled.  I smiled.  I walked away.

Joseph Arnone