The World Will Be On Your Side

In The World Will Be On Your Side, CALVIN encourages his friend to stay focused on the things that matters in his work, rather than on the haters who try to hurt him.

CALVIN: What is the truth?  The truth is always in you.  It’s inside of you.  It’s not what he said or she said, it’s about what you say about yourself.  Everyone on Earth has an opinion about something or other, there will always be people criticizing you.  It comes with the territory.

You need to do what you need to do for you and for whatever reason lives inside and you must trust in that.  Trust in yourself and all that you are because no one will have your back more than you yourself.

It’s a cold, hard world out there filled with people who want to see you fail, want to chop you down.  There is an abundance of motivation for such people and you will sometimes be there chosen target, whether it’s for a minute or for a lifetime…this is the cross you must carry if you are to live the life you’ve chosen…a life of truth and honor and integrity…self-respect, hard work and passion.

There are so many experts out there who know absolutely nothing.  You understand me?  You block them out by focusing on what you got to do day in and day out.  You become impenetrable.  The stinging ceases to exist…withers far away.  An inner strength grows and takes over your soul and sooner or later…oh, well, sooner or later the world will be on your side…and if it’s not..so what?

Joseph Arnone


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