The Zombie Monologue

In this male dramatic zombie monologue, JING works for a secret zombie laboratory, warning his friend of the zombie apocalypse that is approaching.

JING:  You don’t know what’s coming man.  No idea.  Man…I’ve been working down at the plant, over at McGregors.  (beat)  Right.  It ain’t no Goddamn techie plant man.  Shit.  I’m not down their each day building software.  Nobody is!  It’s all a hoax man.  It’s an area 51 type shit down there man.  Why do you think it’s all blocked off with high levels of security, cameras and robots and things?  They have a flock of drones doing laps, each one taking their own route in the sky, dozens of them, constantly observing and watching for anything or anyone on the premises that should not be there.

You think I’m joking?  You do, huh?

They got me running experiments.  Giving injections to people who are kidnapped, man.  Innocent people from all over the world.  Just the other day they had some woman from Brazil.  Don’t know a word she was saying but like everyone else, she was scared out of her skull.

I watch them change…these innocent people, once they’re injected…it physically alters their bodies, just like in the movies…they change into monsters…they, there voices become like demons, still pleading for help and it’s my job to monitor them in the lab, like a science experiment.

They plan on injecting all of us.  Once they have the solution, the antidote…they can turn us into zombie’s but they need to master its reversal.  You see?  Once they solve that, they have full control.  They are going to own our minds, our hearts and our souls.

There is nothing we can do about it.  Shhh, listen to me, I’m telling you all this because it’s real.  It’s happening.  I don’t think I’m coming back. They have plans for me.  I overheard them.  I can’t take off because if I do, they will kill all my loved ones…so I have to face the music.  I’m telling you this because there needs to be a resistance.  There are others on the outside that know this shit.

Here, (hands him a slip of paper)  these are all the names I’ve gathered this past year, of all the people who know what’s going on…there’s a resistance that’s started and you need to get involved because it’s coming.  You hear me?!  It’s coming!  Protect your family before it’s too late and prepare yourself for what’s to come.  Do it now!


Joseph Arnone