There Is More

In this dramatic monologue,There Is More, Jarold is slowly slipping into madness and this monologue piece is his downfall into his own darkness.

JAROLD: I think I’m finally damaged enough.  Finally.  Finally.  I think I’ve peeled my skin from my wrists, over my elbows to simply let things dangle for awhile…it’s quiet in here.

When I close my eyes I enter my past, it’s 1989 and my mother is singing Whitney Houston songs while vacuuming the living room.  I actually think she has a nice voice.  A bit pushy, a bit trying too hard but she has heart and that’s all any of us ever need.

So much time has passed since that day…this world has changed so much.  Things used to move slow on a sunny day in Queens…everything was an adventure on 60th Lane.  I ache for those days when I was a boy and the front stoop was my playground.  There were no worries or struggles, no awareness of the mess surrounding me.  I was shielded so well with so much love that it crippled me blind long enough for my own heart to be shocked and shattered and ripped and roared; when I became a man at the age of nine…when the bullet hit me, I screamed up to God and cursed him for showing me truth.

I’m sorry.

There is a rapid breathing in the air, a frenzy, a pull that hurts the simplicity of humanity.  It’s so painful, isn’t it?  Shameful.

There is more.

But I am.  Damned.  Damaged enough and I love it. I love it.  Don’t you?

Joseph Arnone


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