I Thought We Were Best Friends

I Thought We Were Best Friends is about the evolution of teen friendship.  Lena confronts her so called ‘best friend’ about the change in her behavior.

Lena: What did I ever do wrong to you Melanie?  I’ve always been nice to you, I’ve always treated you good.  Why have you turned your back on me?


We were close.  I don’t understand why you don’t want to talk to me anymore.  Ever since you started hanging out with those other girls you’ve changed.  It’s like you’re embarrassed to be seen with me or something.  I mean, it was always you and me and now it’s–you’ve left me alone and I don’t know why.

I don’t care if you have other friends.  Really, I don’t but you shouldn’t forget me and our friendship and everything.

I thought we were best friends.

Joseph Arnone


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