Three Thousand Dollars and a New Life

In Three Thousand Dollars and A New Life, Eric is sick of the way his stepfather is abusive to him and his mother.  In this monologue, he tries to convince his mother to leave with him.

ERIC: I don’t like the way he bullies you Mom.  (beat)  What’s he gotta push you around like that for?  …I saw him Mom, I heard him push you and I heard you scream at him.  You didn’t think I was home, I was home.  I DON’T LIKE HIM!  He’s no good for you or this family.  Send him back wherever he came from, he’s a total shitbag and I can’t stand him!

He’s abusive.  He’s changing you Mom.  He’s pulling us apart from one another.  Don’t you see any of this?  Jesus Christ!  I’m trying to tell you something, can’t you pay attention to me Mom?!  PLEASE!  I’m your son, listen to what I’m saying to you….look at me, Mom.  Mom, please, just…..RRRRRRAAAAA!!!!!  Son of a—you see?  Mnnnnnrrrrr, what I’m talking about?  There’s no communication anymore.  Nobody knows how to talk to anybody.  It’s always shouting and violence.  It was never like that when pop was around.  (beat) I know he wasn’t great but at least he didn’t beat you…


Mom, please, I love you, can’t we just go…let’s jut get out of here.  You know?  Look at me.  It’s been you and me since forever.  We don’t need nobody but eachother.  You hear me?  I love you Mom.  Please, I love you.  I’ll take care of you.  I’ll quit school, get a job.  I’ll help you pay the bills.  Come on, it’s not too late; we can start again…this time we’ll make better choices Mom.  Are you with me?  Yeah?  You hear me?  We can just grab what we need and leave.  Start a new life Mom.  Just you and me like the old day.  Right?  Just us.  We can do this Mom.  Come on, I need you to be strong.  Haven’t you always taught me to be strong?  Yeah?  Okay, well I can’t be strong without ya.  Alright?  I need you and you need me.  I swear, I’ll never let anybody else ever hurt you.  You hear me?  We can do this Mom.  Together.


Listen, he goes to play golf this Saturday.  We’ll take off then.  I have like a thousand dollars saved up in cash from all the lawns I’ve been mowing this summer.  Plus, I know you have two grand cause of what you told me last week; so there.  That’s three thousand dollars and a new life.  Right?  I’ll plan the whole thing out.  Okay.  Miami.  I heard alot of good things about Miami lately.  What do you think?  Interested in some fun in the sun?  (he smiles)  Okay.  Then that’s what we’ll go for.


I love you Mom.  You’re my life.  I’d die for you.

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