Through The Mud of Life

In Through The Mud of Life, Darla confronts an owner of a company about the mistreatment of employees that has been going on for years.

DARLA:  I want to smack you in the face.  I want to pull your hair and drag you through the mud of life, so you can avoid your privileged upbringing.

It’s amazing that you don’t vomit on yourself at least once a day.  How do you keep all of your filth and disgust inside yourself?  You and your closely knit click.

Whispers and rants behind people’s backs.  All the sneers and laughter coming out of your demon face.

What did she ever do to you?  What did he ever do to you?  I’ve asked you a question…they are innocent people trying to live out their lives with good intentions and you power trip by holding their heads under water because of who you think you actually are.

Times have changed.

You can’t hold everyone down forever.  A few fish will escape your net and what will you do when they hold their knives to your throat?

Will you pretend to be their friend?  Will you blame others?  Will you cry for forgiveness?

We will see….I quit.

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