Time For Me

In dramatic monologue Time For Me, Janet has invited her next-door neighbor over for afternoon tea and she opens up about her family.

JANET:  My dream is to be a writer but I have three boys that I’m raising, plus I’m divorced from a husband who can care less about his children and I’m left on my own completely.  When I say completely, I mean working full-time and raising my children full-time.  There are no breaks.  I am the Mother and the Father.  I don’t have my own Mother who I can ask to come over and help watch the kids…It’s a constant battle between fighting for my children to have decent lives and fighting for my own dreams…sometimes, I feel so selfish to think I can pursue writing when I have my sons to worry about.  Any time taken from them makes me feel like a bad Mother…especially when it comes to my youngest, Timmy, he is a love sponge and needs my full attention, in fact he demands it.  (she smiles)

But where is the time for me?  I’ve been walking around like a zombie lately and I’m not so sure I can keep this all up…my children come first, making sure they are safe and cared for, comes first…I just hope that I can eventually go back to school, get my degree and pursue a career as writer.

Joseph Arnone


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