Time To Go To Sleep

So, this guy is out of his mind.  A dark dramatic monologue from a psycho who has kidnapped someone he has been following for months.

Nutbag Bo:  Is it getting hard to breathe? The warming sensation surrounding your neck, that’s me…choking the life out of you.  It’s all beginning to close in on you, little by little…gently.

You know it’s a matter of time.  You know you are suffocating but it’s slow, patient, powerful.  You can’t move.  You are in my embrace and you can’t speak a word.

I’ve been watching you.  I’ve been seeing what you’ve been up to.  Watching where you go, watching how you think.

I’m with you.  Always.  Each and every day.  There’s no escaping me.

I am the skin fungus you can’t remove.  I am the black abyss you can’t swim out from.  I am the hands that choke you, until you fall asleep.


“You should have known,

you should have know not to play with me,

you should have known,

you should have known”.

Not much of a lyricist am I?  No, I admit, I’m lousy.  Were you a good singer?  Could you belt one out?  You probably have a decent voice.  I don’t.  I can’t write or sing very well.

These plans you have, or maybe, maybe I should say had.  They were good plans.  I looked them over.  They were OKAY, but limited in scope.

(he looks off in his own world)

There was some validity to your strategy sweetie pie puff puff sugar bear muah muah love bird…but, I foresee mayhem and destruction only…tsk-tsk.

I will be back in sixty two minutes and we will talk again.  Munchkin puff pear bear.  Okay?

(walking off)

…you’re so cute…  (he barks like a dog and exits)

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