Timid Tom

Timid Tom is a short drama script about the pros and cons of being married when also being insanely busy with career.  1 woman, 1 man.  Drama.

Timid Tom

Bedroom. Evening.  

Jared: You don’t sit still.  Ever.  Always on the go.  You need to have some down time in your life or you’re gonna burn yourself right out.

Janice: I love what I do, besides I have to take care of you and the kids.

Jared: Yes, but we’re fine. We have enough money to live off of for years to come.

Janice: And what then?

Jared: What do you mean?

Janice: When the money runs out…what then?

Jared: It’s not going to run out.

Janice: You better think about that. We have Kimberly and Kyra’s University years fast approaching.

Jared: You’re not the only one making money around here.

Janice darts a look at Jared like, “Are you serious?”

Janice: I have to work this hard. One never knows what’s just around the corner.

Jared: Nothing is around the corner but more hard work. I’m not against hard work Jan but you need to know when to cool down. You are well into overdrive and it’s not good for your health and I worry about you tremendously.

Janice: Do you?

Jared: Of course I do. What’s that supposed to mean?

Janice: You’re not having an affair?

Jared: Affair?

Janice: You have plenty of time throughout your day to romp around. Kids are at school—

Jared: I’m working, killing myself all damn day. You’re the one who travels.

Janice: (sarcastically) Believe me, I don’t have time, even if I desired it.

Jared: Do you desire it?

Janice: …I do.

Jared: Since when?

Janice: Oh, I don’t know, must be the past few years.

Jared: Have you—

Janice: Not once. I still love you Jared but our love life is nonexistent.

Jared: Well, that’s, you, I’ve been—

Janice: It sucks. I know I’m busy but sometimes I need a man who will take me down and make me…you are my husband you know.

Jared: Yes, well, I’m always considerate about your time. You’re always so dominant, taking your work home, never making me feel like there is time for me to come near you, let alone say hello.

Janice: Well there is time, damn it. Are you blind? Don’t you want the real thing together? We have it maybe once a month. That’s a sin. A woman of my design. My looks. Don’t I still turn you on?

Jared: Of course you do.

Janice: And what is it with that word you used, considerate. God, what a remarkably crap word. Considerate. (imitating) “I’m just trying to be considerate.”….Where is the animal in you?!

Jared: What the hell has gotten into you?

Janice: I don’t want you to be considerate. Not when it comes to expressing your desires for me. You don’t get to play it safe Jared. I want passion! Lust! Throw me against a wall. Anything but considerate.

Jared: Well, I, just—

Janice: I know there’s a lion in you somewhere. This whole timid tom life has got to go and go fast.

Jared: Or what?

Janice: Or we go our separate ways.

Jared: Where the hell is all this coming from?

Janice: We don’t have time for romance. Sometimes a woman just wants to get her fix and move on with the rest of her day. Is that so hard to understand?  You say you worry about my health?  Start there!

Jared: But—

Janice: I’m your wife, you are my husband…you can do as you wish, act on your needs and let’s have a go at it.

Jared: Now? You mean right now?

Janice: Oh God! If you have to ask me forget it. By now you should have flung me on the bed. Too much talk and consideration.

Jared: I’ve always felt that, you know, the way that we are together, we’ve grown into a comfortable pattern.

Janice: Pattern? Did you say comfortable pattern?

Jared nods.

That makes me want to grow old and die! I’m still young you know. There are things I can do that I haven’t shown you yet.

Jared: What things?

Janice: Things.

Jared: Like what? And why haven’t you shown me yet?

Janice: Because if a woman shows all her tricks to soon, she’s out the game. A smart woman reveals bits and pieces along the way to keep a man interested.

Jared: I’m definitely interested.

Janice: Are you?

Jared: Yes, definitely.

Janice: Do you understand what I’m saying?

Jared: Yes, completely.

Janice: At some point in time, it doesn’t have to be this week but SOON, I’d like you to have some fire come out of you.

Jared: Fire?

Janice: That’s right. Set the whole damn place aflame Jared. I didn’t marry a dud, did I?

Jared: No, not–

Janice: You need to keep that spunk in you kid. Go to the gym, take energy pills, whatever you need to do to get my juices flowing. Understand?

Jared: Wow. I didn’t realize. I never thought…I always thought you, we, the way that we’ve been together, was a good way of being together. I never knew things were coming off as…flat?

Janice: Flat is a good word to describe it.

Jared: Flat. I didn’t know. So I guess now that I do know, I’ll be sure to give our love life a kick.

Janice: Not a kick but an avalanche.

Jared: That’s a bit of pressure for a man, no?

Janice: You can’t be serious.

Jared: You made your point clear enough but you need to let me perform how I need to perform based on this talk without making me feel that I’m under some form of judgement.

Janice: Throw caution to the wind and be free.

Jared: As long as you’re not taking notes.

Janice: No notes.

Jared: Because you know, it may take a few attempts to get the motion cranked up to speed is all I’m trying to say…sort of, yeah.

Janice: Get cranking.


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