Todd…are you coming?

In Todd…are you coming?, SADELLA handles her daughter differently for the first time by finally putting her foot down and refusing to help daughter out of a troubling situation.

Sadella:  I have nothing to add to this conversation.  I’m tired of defending you.  Tired of helping you.  It’s time you take responsibility for your own actions.  You screwed up, again and I’m not going to bail you out this time.  Neither is your father.

(she stands)

Don’t look to me.  I’m sick of being your get out of jail card.  I think it’s time you went!  Dwell in it.  Perhaps that’s the only way you will ever truly learn.

That’s the problem.  We’ve spoiled you.  We’ve given you so much.  Too much!  Way more than most and that’s our fault.  And now look at yourself.  Look!  Look what you’re becoming!

I can’t take you guilting us into making us believe we are responsible…we can only accept so much of it.  You are an adult.  You are your own person.  This is your situation and you need to handle it.  Fix it.  You can fix it on your own.  Figure it out!


No.  I’m sorry but no.  I’m going to bed.  (to her husband)  Todd…are you coming?

Joseph Arnone


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