Too Far and Few

In Too Far and Few, G opens up about the downward spiral of the mental health of someone he cares about.

G: He hasn’t been right for years. You have to kind of tippy toe around him with things, always conscious as to how he’s interpreting what you’re saying, it gets exhausting. He’s gotten much worse. He can turn something completely innocent into such a way that you just about find yourself believing his version more than the actual truth! That’s how bad he’s gotten.  I’m not saying he’s a bad man, it’s the illness is all.  He was once a very sweet and kind-hearted man. Every now and then you can still catch a glimmer of it in him.  But they come too far and few.

He doesn’t want to take his meds and his wife keeps doing her best to camouflage it in the food she cooks for him.  If she didn’t do that he would already be in a loony bin.  (beat)  He’s a stubborn man, you know that…never wants help, never wants to take or do anything that can improve his situation.  He’s scary sometimes.  Just the other night his brother called me, petrified; calling me while hiding on top of the shed in their backyard.  Begging me to come to the house to calm Fritzy down before he kills him.  Swear to God, not two nights ago.  The locals called the cops, it was a whole big thing but we calmed him down.  He was this close to spending a night in jail and a guy like that you don’t want to spend a night in jail.  I can only imagine.

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