Too Much Too Soon

In this teen girl monologue, HENRIETTA talks to her boyfriend about how he needs to chill out more when they’re out together at parties.

HENRIETTA:  You press up on me way too much and you need to chill.  Why are you so aggressive?  It’s not needed if I’m already your girl, you don’t always need to be up on me.  Learn how to distance yourself out a bit is all I’m saying.  I like the affection and stuff, it’s cute and all but you need to just cool it off, just a little bit, like put your attention span on it so you are aware of it more.  You don’t always have to be right next to me staring other guys down when we’re out or something.  I know you’re protective and stuff but come on, it’s getting to be a bit excessive and it’s so not necessary.  You need to trust me, first of all and if a dude comes up and starts talking to me, you don’t need to get all excited, it’s just talk and if he doesn’t respect the fact that I’m with you then that’s different but you don’t need to be so close so often cause that’s what causes stuff to break out.  Is all I’m saying…

Joseph Arnone


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