Top 10 Best Comedic Scripts for Creators

Looking for some funny creative ideas for your next video project?  Read some of the 10 free short screenplays below to get your creative juices flowing.

Top 10 Best Comedy Monologues for Creators

BASKET CASE – an eccentric mother/daughter pair living in Queens and simply trying to get along.

THE SHOW – a gangster and his ‘assistant’ record their own educational YouTube show on ‘How To Be A Gangsta’.

URINATION IQ – two male roommates who don’t see ye to eye…sound familiar?

TEA TIME – old school meets new school in this funny comedic skit.

UPON MY RETURN – we went medieval on you with this one and threw a burger in the mix.

SHRIBBLE – ever thought of going vegan?

THE ADVENTURES OF MOPE AND JOPE – no clue what this one is about but have a good time anyway!

LAUNCH DATE – who doesn’t want to shoot themselves off in a rocket into space as a grand finale?

CHITTER CHATTER – how do you REALLY feel about your co-worker?  I mean…really.

COMMON PRACTICE – Marla instructs Jane on husband control.

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