Top 10 Monologues from Plays for Actors

These Top 10 Monologues from Plays for Actors are a mix of drama/comedy monologues from one-act plays for female/male creators.

Top 10 Monologues from Plays for Actors

WASTED TALENT – Donnie talks about the loss of his best friend to suicide.

FUNGUS AMONG US – Alexa confronts her roommate Mara about how horribly messy she is.

COMFORT ZONE – Lara talks to her boyfriend about how he needs to go out more often with friends and socialize.

INNER CORE – Shelly suffers from depression…she talks to her Doctor who offers her a new treatment.

KILLING YOU – a serial killer toys with their latest victim but may have bit off more than he can chew.

RATHER BE A MAN – Kim talks to her best friend about how sick and tired she is of men constantly trying to flirt with her.

MIND TRICK – This teenager tries to come to terms with their own erratic behavior and strange thought processes.

DARK PLACE – Jeffrey is an actor who suffered a traumatic mental breakdown and now resides in an insane asylum.

TREAT ME NICE – Corinne takes care of her mother but never feels loved or respected but a conversation regarding her father may bring them closer together.

I’M NOT WHO I USED TO BE – this is a monologue taken from the one-act play Landed On Your Doorstep where Billy tries to defend himself for having changed as a person.

Monologues from Plays

Monologues From Plays

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