Top 10 Original Scenes for Creators

Here’s Monologue Blogger’s Top 10 Original Scenes for Creators.  Custom scenes for creators who wish to explore comedy and drama scripted content.

Top 10 Original Scenes for Creators

  1. Basket Case – a mother and daughter from queens and all the trials and tribulations they experience together.
  2. Match Made In Heaven – Mick has been acting different for the past month and Tia wants to get down to the bottom of his mood.
  3. True Blood Ties – Jena visits her father Gin in prison and family drama can’t help but creep up between them.
  4. Sun Tzu of Self-Sabotage – Another day of Biff and Shanda doing absolutely nothing with their lives.
  5. Enough Is Enough – Sarah goes head to head with a nurse who has been wrongfully caring for her elderly mother.
  6. The Duck – Jerald and Meredith have a house guest who seems to be losing his mind.
  7. Que and Schelp – two teenage thieves in love who travel across the country together.
  8. Shribble – Frank is not happy that he agreed to be vegan.  Valerie couldn’t be happier.
  9. Distance Between Us – a daughter and father try to work out some differences despite the fact that one of them is dying.
  10. C4 & D29 – a futuristic drama between a married couple.

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