Top 10 Original Short Imagined Scenes

These top 10 original short imagined scenes may be a good fit for a potential film/video project you wish to develop and make.

The scenes shared here have a running time of 5-10 minutes, depending on how you want to interpret the characters, setting and dialogue.

You are free to make changes to the scripts to best suit your own creative needs.

Top 10 Original Short Imagined Scenes

Top 5 Dramatic Short Imagined Scenes

Drama Scripts

  1. Peak Heat Hour (2 woman, 1 man) a father has been kicked out of the house from his wife until he can start taking care of his family.
  2. Nitty Gritty (3 men) old school Irish gangsters during the early 20th century.
  3. Walter’s Study (1 woman, 2 men) Walter and his son have never gotten along and in this scene there is a small attempt at getting to the truth.
  4. Cave of Da Vinci (3 men) criminals meet criminal lord.
  5. Dear Heather (1 woman, 1 man) Heather finds out some terrible news about her boss.

Top 5 Comedic Short Imagined Scenes

Comedy Scripts

  1. The Show (2 men) two criminals decide to put together a YouTube channel.
  2. Shribble (1 woman, 1 man) a couple decide to go vegan but after a few days things start to get out of control.
  3. Less Soap, More Blood (1 woman, 1 man)  an actress who has become famous for soap commercials demands from her agent something else.
  4. Mickey’s Cake (1 woman, 1 man)  a manager is in dire need of taking a dump and asks his intern to find him a roll of toilet paper.
  5. Basket Case (2 women)  life in Queens with a mother and daughter.

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