Top 10 Situation Comedy Monologues

Top 10 Situation Comedy Monologues for men and women are free to use for acting auditions/casting, video uploads, acting class or non-profit short films.

Top 10 Situation Comedy Monologues

  • Not Your Average A**hole – when a boss decides he has had enough games from an employee.
  • Crash Cab – the people who enter this cab are in for a non so pleasant surprise.
  • Side Effects – another magical pill that will cure any illness you have.
  • Little Critters – when something gets stuck in your eye with legs.
  • Crappy Pants – oops, a terrible first date gone terribly wrong.
  • Pinch – when your significant other asks you to do the most gruesome task imaginable.
  • Sack and Crack – calling a friend for help despite the most embarrassing situation takes balls.
  • Crazy Glue – when you accidentally glue a body part to a body part.
  • Phone Calls – playing the dating game straight out of the gate isn’t always fun and giggles.
  • Soap and Water -when going out to the club without washing and getting caught.

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