Top 15 Short Imagined Monologues

Sharing 15 short imagined monologues that range from 1-3 minutes long for comedy/drama and serio-comedic character driven pieces.

Top 15 Short Imagined Monologues

Top 7 Comedic Short Imagined Monologues

Comedy (women/men)

  1. Just For Laughs – Jane confesses to her dearest friends the various pranks she does on her son.
  2. Next In Line – Lucille works at a retail store and verbally teases customers in this comedy sketch.
  3. Do Me A Favor – Greggie is crashing at his buddy’s place and needs a pillow that doesn’t smell.
  4. The Girls – Dana listens to her best friends new love interest with hidden disgust and loneliness.
  5. Dog Anxiety – Raquel stops over her neighbors in her apartment complex building. She tells her of the terrible creature of a dog she has been babysitting for another friend.
  6. Hi, I Vincent – Vincent is hosting a house party and goes around introducing himself to everyone he doesn’t know.
  7. A Smile Per Day Keeps A Wrinkle Away – a woman’s philosophy on smiling one time per day.

Drama (women/men)

Top 8 Dramatic Short Imagined Monologues

  1. Hardcore G – Z gives his long time friend a final push on making a life for himself.
  2. Number 2 – a rude and nasty real estate mogul has a run in with his best competitor.
  3. Soil, Air, Sky: Janet’s Monologue – Janet’s fiancé wants to move back home with her but Janet doesn’t have the same vision.
  4. We Are The Distance – Teddy has been asked to do something for his brother that he cannot ever imagine doing.
  5. Second Look – Cher questions if she still has appeal and interest to men.
  6. Just A Crack – Rayla wants to be in a happy and healthy relationship but isn’t certain she’s found the one.
  7. There Is Only Here and Now – a monologue that inspires you to follow your dreams and take action.
  8. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – Lara wants to go out and have fun without always having to convince her man to go out too.


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