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  1. Coffee Table – Melanie is a psycho ward patient. She talks to a person that only she sees.
  2. Elsewhere – VICTORIA has invited Florence over for afternoon tea in order to warn her of ending a possible love interest elsewhere.
  3. Patiently Waiting – SUSANNA talks to her former best friend about why they can’t be best friends anymore.
  4. Pay Attention – Linda observes her boyfriend making out with some random woman through a window to an apartment building. She sits inside a cab and talks to the driver about the situation.
  5. I Can’t Win – Nella is talking to her best friend Jeff about trouble with her daughter.
  6. Smile Pretty, Alice – Anita tells her neighbor that she knows she cheats on her husband.
  7. Breaking Through – Paula argues with her son because she cannot seem to “get through to him” as a parent.
  8. The Signing – Eliza talks to her best friend about whether or not she should sign a prenuptial agreement.
  9. Ends Meat – SANDY talks to her friend about the difficult financial times she is encountering.
  10. Inner Core – SHELLY suffers from depression and she talks to her Doctor during a session.


  1. Other People’s Needs – NEFF talks to his friend about how he is removing the distractions in his life in order to focus in on the things that matter most to him.
  2. Wrong Side of the Tracks – BERNARDO visits an elderly rich woman on her estate.  As the story goes, when he was a younger man struggling to survive, he had asked this woman, Mrs. Emily for a loan to start a business.
  3. You Can Do Better – BYRON is talking to his younger sister about how he thinks she is going out with the wrong kind of guy.
  4. That’s ClassyA murderer talks about how he feels his killings are an art form.
  5. From Dad – SEAN talks to his girlfriend about the relationship he had with his father, growing up as a kid.
  6. Caged Monkeys – Darion encounters a racist remark and confronts the man who spoke out.  Darion handles the situation by taking the higher road and being a gentleman in proving his point.
  7. Final Film Reel – J talks about how there are life images he would like to have played back to him as a highlighted film reel of his life, when it’s his time to pass.
  8. Lab Rat – OSMO talks about his theory of human life.
  9. Bendable – MR. WILSON talks with his students about the possibility of bringing forth the physical existence of something from one’s imagination.
  10. Dark Place – Jeffrey speaks with his friend under visitation hours.  He was an actor before he became institutionalized, for stabbing his director in the neck with a pair of scissors during rehearsing a new stage play.



  1. Stretch –  a yoga instructor is pretty much stunned by her own bodily function.
  2. Swallow – A woman finds herself sitting on a crowded bus with other travelers standing in the main isle but she is getting beaten down by another woman’s ass.
  3. Underwhelm – This is a dark humor monologue that explores a woman who is numb to life.
  4. Flycatcher – Anna talks to her girlfriend about a humorous story regarding her and a fly.
  5. Rather Be A Man – Kim is so fed up with men approaching her with their one liners. In this comedy monologue, she talks to one of her good friends about the annoying men she randomly tolerates.
  6. The Girls – Dana is listening to her girlfriend’s new love interest with hidden disgust and apparent loneliness.
  7. Just One Thing – Jackie talks to her girlfriend about how she can’t stand her boyfriend farting all the time.
  8. Thank You So Much – Helen is the most annoying woman ever born, however, she is completely and utterly sincere and genuine with everything she says.  
  9. Snot Rags – Jessica to stop being such a slob and confronts her with regards to finding dirty ‘snot tissues’ living around their apartment.
  10. Mercy Look – Connie shows off her new clothes to her boyfriend.


  1. There He Is – PETE talks about how annoying his co-worker Andrew is and how he is caught in a world of inner turmoil over it.
  2. Nutter – POP talks to his wife about the nutter their daughter is dating.
  3. White Light – HAROLD, an elderly man, tries to read his newspaper when he gets interrupted by his Granddaughter’s music.
  4. Side Effects – DOCTOR OSVALD KNICKERBOCKER is a German Doctor who has flown overseas to warn Americans of a new approaching epidemic.
  5. Upon My Return – Sir Walter Walter speaks to his Lord about killing captured defiers of the throne and stopping afterwards for some Burger King.  
  6. YO – KIRBY is having a really bad day and it gets worse when one of his workers calls him “yo” instead of by his real name.
  7. Average Asshole – An OWNER of a manufacturing company fires an employee, but first tells him what an asshole he is.
  8. Medium – This is a comedy monologue about a man who imagines himself being 6’5 when in reality he’s about 5’8.
  9. Picasso Reincarnated – Ultimate Jackass is a man who still has not found his true calling.  He is a quirky man of sorts but whatever he does in his life comes from sincerity.
  10. The Crop Duster – BUSTER recounts the story of how an elderly man “blew wind” in his face, while walking past him in a bookstore.

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